Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'll Be Back On Thursday. Can I Blog about the Food at my Friend's Wedding?

So apparently people are reading this? What's wrong with you!? Get back to work. I thought the whole point of a blog was to hear (see?) yourself speak and feel important, not for people to give any quantity of shits what you have to say. I keep telling people that writing a blog is a Top 5 sign that you are a total fucking loser, but I guess if people read it then maybe not? Anyway, I'm out of town for a wedding in Oklahoma City, then to NYC for a grad school admitted students event, but I'll be back at it in DC on Thursday... headed to a panel on "Race and Gender" at a conservative think tank. I'm guessing the idea is that those things don't matter... but stay tuned.

Query, is it a dick move if I blog about the free food spreads at the wedding and/or grad school event? Keep in mind the groom at the wedding knows who I am. The grad school does not...


  1. After spending <5 minutes on your blog, thanks to an article in the DCist, I've concluded that the whole point of your blog is to document the ways in which you get fed for free and to offer lots of words about these experiences. A wedding fits that bill even if you were invited.

    Are you prepared to rif on your friend? If so then by all means, tell us about the bad food, awkward dancing, lengthy sermon, or whatever other poignant observations you can offer about this wedding.

  2. you can only comment on the wedding if you are CRASHING!!

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